Wood filament

This filament is the use of native wood green poplar powder produced a new composite material, waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture, no insects, no mildew, acid, non-toxic characteristics, print 3D effect works close to the wood, exudes the flavor of the wood, as wood: nails, drilling, planing, carving, can be sticky, paintable. Its extrusion temperature at 170-230 C, and depending on the temperature of the wood grain show different shades of color.
Proud interesting technology companies based on the interpretation of the person in charge, Pop Wood wire than in Germany Laywoo-D3 have a greater performance increase, mainly in points:
A. Germany Laywoo-D3 plus PLA formulations using wood production, although PLA has green features, but its relatively poor print properties, wire soft and slow cooling, stability is difficult to control, resulting in low overall quality molding works.
     The Pop Wood after six months of research and development, using a unique formula of raw materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly in ensuring wooden wire under the premise of a substantial increase in the effectiveness of the print forming!
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