Prusa i3 Laser Cut

Here you can find Laser cut parts to make your Prusa i3. You can also send us your design for Laser cut too!
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  • Reprap Prusa i3 Full Laser Cut Frame Kit (Prusa i3)

    Prusa i3 Full Laser Cut Frame

    You can upgrade your existing Prusa i3 build with our Full laser cut kit and all electronics parts and extruder hotend are reusable. Our Full laser cut kit are very precise and strong, you can print at higher speed with better resolution.


    1. Main Frame Top, Bottom, Left & Right.
    2. X Axis Idler & X Axis Motor Mount
    3. Heatbed Support with LM8UU Linear Bearing Mount Bracket
    4. Y Motor mount & Idler
    Build volumeX200 x Y180 x Z160mm
    Material: Acrylic Clear
    Thickness: 6mm

    See the printer printing in Action!
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