Reprap 3D Printer Prusa i3 Fully Assembled & Calibrated

Product Description

The Prusa i3 (iteration 3) is the newest and current 3D Printer design by RepRap Core Developer Prusajr. The i3 incorporates lessons learned from the previous two Prusa designs, as well as other popular modern RepRap designs. Compared to its predecessors and other RepRap machines, Prusa i3 is known for its extreme ease of assembling, reliable printing, and dual extruder option. This printer uses laser-cut acrylic sheets to improve stability.

Prusa i3 Build Documents 

Click here for Prusa i3 build manual by
Click here for Prusa i3 STL files
Click here for Prusa i3 RAMPS
Click here for Prusa ALC i3 Firmware

Prusa i3 Technical Details

Build Volume
 X200mm x Y200mm x Z190mm  (X8″ x Y8″ x Z7.5″)
Overall size 420x420x380mm
Control Board RAMPS 1.4 Electronics
6mm Acrylic Sheets
Hotend 0.4mm J-head MK IV
50 micron Layer Height achievable
MK2A Heated Build Platform
GT2 Pulley’s and Belts
12V 30A Power Supply
H Extruder

Included in our Prusa i3 Package 

MK2A Heated Built Platform (wires and LED pre-soldered)
Nema 17 Stepper Motors x 5 (connectors and pins also included)
12V 30A Power Supply
RAMPS 1.4 Shield
Mega 2560 R3 Control Board
Pololu Stepper Driver x 4 (with heat sinks)

Prusa i3 Linear Motion

GT2 20-Tooth Aluminum Pulleys x 2
GT2 Timing Belt 1.9m
Hardened Stainless Steel Precision Rods
LM8UU Bearings x 10

Prusa i3 Tool Kit

3m Measuring Tape
Allen Wrench Set
14mm Wrench
Circular File
Needle-nose Pliers


4mm x 210mm x 200mm Borosilicate Glass plate
MKIV J-head hotend (3.0mm with 0.4mm orifice)

Host software: Pronterface

Firmware: Marlin - RAMPS in the package is ready to use, you do not need to do anything to the firmware

Printing materials: ABS, PLA, 3mm or 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic.

Build surface: PCB-heated bed to reduce complexity of assembly and to ensure parts do not warp.

Computer interface: USB

1st & 2nd batch of Fully Assembled & Calibrated WLC i3 (10units) all sold out and supported by us during installation easily. All the 10 units out in our client hands are able to give very fine print of single layer wall 0.5mm up to 190mm high! All of 10units 3d printer are able to print within 1st hour out from the box without any problem!

Thanks to all your support!

Now we are launching the 3rd batch of Fully Assembled & Calibrated LC i3. So grab yours today to avoid any waiting!
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