Pulley and Belts

We have plenty of reliable and robust pulley and belts in stock for your Reprap 3d printer and others project needs.
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  • GT2 40 Tooth 6.35mm Bore Pulley (GT2)
    Timing Pulley
    Tooth Profie: GT2
    Tooth Number: 40T
    Shaft: 6.35mm Bore
    Gear Width: 6mm or 6.35mm open ended or closed-loop gt2 belt.
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  • GT2 Pulley 18 Tooth 6.35mm Bore (GT2)

    GT2 Pulley 18 Tooth 6.35mm Bore for Shaft of Nema23 Stepper Motor

    3dprinter.my put 20 Teeth GT2 Pulley 5mm Bore, 8mm Bore n GT2 36 Teeth Pulley 5mm Bore, 8mm Bore in stock for quick response but as you know 6.35mm Shaft is the standard diameter of a NEMA23 Stepper Motor. So we decide to bring 6.35mm Bore GT2 Pulley as stock item for makers.

    GT2 18 Tooth Pulley 6.35mm Bore for Motor Shaft w/ GT2 36T Pulley 5mm Bore for 5mm Smooth Rod or 8mm Bore Pulley for 8mm Smooth Rod.
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  • GT2 Pulley 20 Teeth 8mm Bore (GT2)

    Our GT2 pulley and belt combination provide you with much more precision and anti-backlash properties than other non round tooth profile timing pulleys. The GT2 pulley we machine can be used  with 6mm and 6.35mm width GT2 belt. It's a good choice for all kinds of machines. 3D printing is just one of these applications. These pulleys will fit 8mm smooth rod and 8mm motor shafts like those found on our NEMA23 Motors.
    GT2 pulley, 8mm bore, 20 teeth.

    This style pulley known as Ultimaker Pulley in 3d printing industry. But the true it's a universal 16 teeth or 20 teeth GT2 Pulley because the bore is large as 8mm, so you need a wider HUB than the 5mm bore pulleys.

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  • GT2 Pulley 40 Teeth 5mm Bore (GT2)

    GT2 Pulley 40 Teeth 5mm Bore

    Tooth Profie: GT2
    Tooth Number: 40T
    Bore Diameter: 5mm
    Gear Width: for 6mm or 6.35mm open end or closed-loop gt2 belt.
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  • GT2 pulley 36 teeth 8mm bore (GT2)
    The GT2 36 tooth pulley 8mm bore is for the 8mm Motor Shaft or Smooth Rod.
    It works with a 18 teeth 5mm bore GT2 pulley, you can get a 2:1 ratio for high resolution or torque increase.
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  • MXL Belt 6.0mm Open End (MXL)
    MXL Belt, 6mm Width Neoprene Rubber Material, Nynlon Cloth Base and Fiberglass Reinforced.

    The MXL Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, open ended 5M, 10M, 20M or 50M per roll. The Minimum Order Quantity is 1M.
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  • GT2 Belt 6.0mm Width Open Ended 1.0m (GT2)
    Reprap GT2 Belt

    The GT2 Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, open ended 5M, 10M, 20M or 50M per roll. The Minimum Order Quantity is 1M.

    Material is Neoprene Rubber, Fiberglass Reinforced perfect for Prusa or Printrbot 3D Printers and more.

    Do you know?
    The GT2 6mm width open end Belt and GT2 20 Teeth Pulley combination is the best of the best possible belt & pulley combo for all MendleMax and all Reprap variant 3D Printers. And it is less prone to backlash due to the way the rounded teeth mesh up. Square toothed belts and pulleys just always seem to have that little bit of play that is impossible to calibrate out of your printer. Our GT2 pulleys and belts are the best choice for very precise positioning. Simply swapping out your square tooth belts and pulleys for these GT2 profile belts and pulleys is a VERY cost effective way to upgrade your 3D printer and improve print quality! The GT2 round tooth belt is also quieter than square toothed designs.
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  • GT2 Pulley 16 Teeth 5mm Bore (GT2)

    Rostock 16 Teeth 5mm Bore GT2 Pulley

    Reprap Rostock GT2 Pulley

    Teeth: 16
    Gear Width: for up to 7mm GT2 Belt
    Bore: 5mm motor shaft or smooth rod
    Material: All Aluminium
    Type: Ultimaker Style
    A standard offer as the Reprap Rostock GT2 Pulley. It's also widely used in CoreXY and other 3d printers instead of T2.5 16 Teeth Pulley.

    The 16 tooth GT2 Pulley is also recommended for the Prusa Mendel and 10pcs is needed for CoreXY.
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  • GT2 Pulley 36 Teeth 5mm Bore (GT2)
    GT2 tooth profile 36 grooves 5mm bore Alu pulley is available from Stock. Our GT2 36 tooth pulley comes standard with a 5mm bore for the NEMA17 stepper motor shaft.
    If you need an 8mm bore for a NEMA23 stepper or 8mm smooth rod there is enough material around the bore(the Hub) to easily enlarge it by youself. Enjoy the hand work.

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  • GT2 Pulley 20 Teeth 5mm Bore (GT2)
    The gt2 pulley with 20 teeth or grooves is one of the best choices for 3d printer construction. Compared with the T2.5 or MXL timing pulley, the gt2 pulley tooth profile is anti-backlash. Why? The rounded teeth of this tooth and belt are engaged together longer providing a smoother transition between teeth. This is what you need for your 3D printer. A smaller pulley with less teeth moves less belt per revolution. Not great for printing speed but with a 200 step motor and a 20 tooth pulley that means every single tooth on your belt can move in ten discrete steps! That\'s going to make for some really nice prints!

    Specifications are as following:

    Pitch: 2mm
    Tooth: 20
    Bore: 5mm. 8mm Bore gt2 20 teeth pulley is also available from Stock.
    Flange: Dual
    Material: Aluminum
    Max. Belt Width: 7mm
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