Polylactic Acid (PLA) Filaments

Polylactic Acid (PLA) an easily degradable 3D thermoplastic.

Polylactic Acid is just as popular as ABS, but with different properties. PLA is a much better display plastic and is made with high purity. PLA is also easier to print: It prints at lower temperatures, adheres well to our Garolite Natural substrate and warps less than ABS. PLA comes in a wider variety of colors and is biodegradable. Polylactic acid is made from variety of different natural resources that include cornstarch, roots, and sugar caneand is easily biodegradable... this is why it is known as the most environmentally friendly thermoplastic for 3D printing. Polylactic acid is the front-runner for many medical appliances of 3D Printers because of its natural origins. Medical professionals have used forms of Polyactic acid for dissolving pins, rods, and mesh for surgical implants. We welcome you to try out this plastic as you move forward with 3D printing.

Extruder Temp: 
170 to 195°C
Heated Build Plate: 60°C to 70°C

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